Car Fashion Personality Wanted Luminous Stickers

Rs. 1,793.30

Product information:
Luminous color: white on white background
Color: Wanted, Take care, QATAR, Heart
Size: 27 * 4cm

1: It uses 100% imported materials from the United States, with a service life of up to 8000 hours
2: It is as thin as paper, with uniform brightness, hardly occupying the interior space of the car, and only 0.35mm thick
3: Extremely low power consumption, only 1mW per square centimeter of light source
4: The light is uniform, soft, non dazzling, non flickering, non radiating, and colorful
5: Strong weather resistance: the luminous effect will not be affected by the vibration of the car during driving
6: It does not generate heat during operation, has good fog permeability and does not produce harmful rays.

Packing list:
1 piece of luminous car sticker+60cm connecting line+driver * 1 set