Dripsavy's Cooking Pot

Rs. 1,299

**Elevate Your Culinary Experience with the Dripsavy's Cooking Pot!**

Discover the ultimate kitchen companion for Summer '23 - the Fidato Multipurpose Electric Cooking Pot, now proudly under the Dripsavy brand. Embrace the art of effortless cooking with a touch of elegance and innovation.

**Key Features:**

**1. Cooking Made Effortless:** With a generous 1.5-liter capacity, say goodbye to the complexities of meal prep. From quick noodles to elaborate stews, the Dripsavy's Cooking Pot handles it all with ease.

**2. Perfectly Transparent:** Keep a watchful eye on your creations as they simmer and sizzle. The transparent glass lid allows you to monitor your dishes without lifting a finger.

**3. Safety First:** Our double-wall design keeps the exterior cool to the touch, while the stay-cool handle ensures secure and comfortable handling.

**4. Flameless Magic:** Experience the future of cooking with our flameless technology. Say farewell to traditional stovetops and embrace a safer, more energy-efficient way to cook.

**5. Food-Grade Assurance:** Crafted from premium food-grade materials, rest assured that your meals remain free from contaminants.

**Why Choose the Dripsavy's Cooking Pot?**

- **Efficiency:** Save time and energy with rapid heating and versatile cooking options.
- **Convenience:** Perfect for students and bachelors with limited kitchen space.
- **Environmentally Friendly:** Reduce your carbon footprint by using less gas.
- **Quality:** Built to last with high-quality materials.
- **Versatility:** From quick snacks to hearty meals, it's your all-in-one solution.

Elevate your culinary prowess, save energy, and cook with confidence. The Dripsavy's Cooking Pot is your gateway to a world of culinary possibilities. Upgrade your kitchen today!

**Order Now and Savor the Flavors of Summer '23!**

Product Name: Dripsavy's Electric Cooking Pot

Package Contains: 1 Item Material: Others Color: Colour as per availability.

Additional Information: 1.5 Ltrs cooking capacity with food grade material Transparent glass lid for easy viewing of cooking Double wall design and comfortable stay-cool handle Flameless and smokeless cooking Ideal for boiling water, eggs & cooking rice, noodles, pasta, tea, coffee, oats, corn and even for sterilization function Cooks faster with 600 W heating element Compact and space-saving Easy to use and clean Over heating protection Weight: 450